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Sample Bundle Kit - $149.92 ($180.19 Value)

Sample Bundle Kit - $149.92 ($180.19 Value)

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We offer wholesale facial products with a minimum order of 14 units per product at a great price. Our formulas are crafted with high-quality ingredients to deliver excellent skincare results. The formulas come in convenient packaging for easy retail display.

When you purchase our wholesale  formulas, you not only receive an affordable skincare solution with strong profit margins, but you also benefit from our FREE label design and printing services. Additionally, we provide some of the most appealing packaging options in the market, ensuring that your products stand out and sell faster.

Whether you own a beauty store, spa, or online shop, our competitively priced formulas will fulfill your business needs with their effectiveness, affordability, and eye-catching packaging. Contact us to place your wholesale order and start earning profits today!

Unlock incredible savings of $30+ with this bundle!

Sample size:
Serums/Oils/Toners/Cleansers - 1 fl oz
Creams/Masks - 0.67 fl oz 
Samples are not labeled or packaged for resale.

This Bundle Contains:

Anti-Aging Drops serum - 1 pcs
Bare Skin Facial Cleanser - 1 pcs
Brightening Boost Serum - 1 pcs 
Brightening Boost Cream - 1 pcs 
Clear & Happy Face Serum - 1 pcs 
Deep Repair Peptide Cream - 1 pcs
Golden Jojoba Facial Oil - 1 pcs
Hyaluronic Acid Serum - 1 pcs
Hydrating Enzyme Facial Mask - 1pcs
Hydro Jelly Fruit Mask - 1 pcs 
Multi-Peptide Eye Cream - 1 pcs
Cinderella Oil - 1 pcs
Tattoo Healing Balm - 1 pcs 
Luxury Marula Facial Oil - 1 pcs 
Morning Dew Serum - 1 pcs 
Long Silk Hair Growth Oil - 1 pcs
Vitamin C Glow Toner - 1 pcs 
Niacinamide Barrier Repair Serum - 1 pcs 
Ocean Rescue Anti-Aging Cream - 1 pcs 
Oxygen Facial Mask - 1 pcs
Triple Peptide Serum - 1 pcs
Collagen Restore Serum - 1 pcs 
Ocean Minerals Toner - 1 pcs 
Retinol 1% Anti-Aging Serum - 1 pcs
Retinol Cocktail Moisturizer - 1 pcs 
Rich Velvet Night Cream - 1 pcs 
Skin Nutrition Facial Oil - 1 pcs 
Fresh Citrus Exfoliator - 1 pcs 
Grooming Space Face Mask - 1 pcs
Grooming Space Face Cream - 1 pcs